Where we’ve BEEN ?

What began as fun acoustic jams on Malta’s beaches in the summer of 2012 gradually turned into Mana Tapu, the family we’re all so proud to be a part of today. The first real shows we played as a full line up were the Rookies and Hard Rock Cafe battles of the bands (which we WON! BOOM!!) and we’ve since done amazing shows for awesome crowds and audiences at Malta’s summer festivals such as Earth Garden, The Bubble, Zion, and most recently, the Sliema Street Art Festival. The road to Zion is never easy and we’re not letting anything knock us off track. Count on it.

Where we ARE ?

2014 can most easily be summed up as the year Mana Tapu experienced the biggest highs and the lowest lows. While we saw our family disperse and were forced to leave our first home / garaxxxx, we played our biggest and best shows ever in headliner slots at Earth Garden in June, and for the Sliema Street Art Festival in August where hundreds of fans danced and sang along to our music, and bought all 100 advance copies of our debut EP, Timpana. Grazzi hafna to Spine Splitter Studios and all who wanted autographs! Last but not least, we’re cooking up some vibes in our new garaxx

Where we’re GOING?

The future is bright for Mana Tapu. We received first the video of Kanta r rima from the team of Malta street art festival and we would like to thanks all of you who watch it and share it with your friends. What coming next? We’re realy excited to perform in Valletta the 26th july at 8pm with MALTA STREET ART FESTIVAL where you will see the best artist you can ever see on the island. So please come make a visit during 24th and 26th july, jump with us to put more faya, bring back your dancing shoes and happiness smile to resume make this one an unforgettable one. Secondly we will play at the BEER fest by farsons on closing night and to end the summer 2015, we will play to our friends from GOZO for an awesome week end of music around the 7 august. Most importantly, we look forward to playing, singing and dancing with more and more of YOU. Bless!

Sliema Street Art Festival with Mana Tapu on Exiles

The meaning of MANA TAPU ?


Mana is a supernatural force in a person, place or object.
Mana goes hand in hand with tapu, one affecting the other.
The more prestigious the event, person or object, the more it is surrounded by tapu and mana.
Mana is the enduring, indestructible power of the atua and is inherited at birth, the more senior the descent, the greater the mana.
The authority of Mana and Tapu is inherited and delegated through the senior line from the atua as their human agent to act on revealed will.
Since authority is a spiritual gift delegated by the atua, man remains the agent, never the source of Mana.
Mana gives a person the authority to lead, organise and regulate communal expeditions and activities, to make decisions regarding social and political matters.
A person or tribe’s Mana can increase from successful ventures or decrease through the lack of success.
Almost every activity has a link with the maintenance and enhancement of Mana and Tapu.
Animate and inanimate objects can also have Mana as they also derive from the atua and because of their own association with people imbued with Mana or because they are used in significant events.


A person, place or thing is dedicated to an atua and is thus removed from the sphere of the profane and put into the sphere of the sacred.
It is untouchable, no longer to be put to common use.
Tapu was used as a way to control how people behaved towards each other and the environment, placing restrictions upon society to ensure that society flourished.
The extensions of tapu are the restrictions resulting from contact with something that is intrinsically tapu.
A person is imbued with Mana and Tapu by reason of his or her birth.
People are Tapu and it is each person’s responsibility to preserve their own tapu and respect the Tapu of others and of places.
Under certain situations people become more Tapu, including women giving birth, warriors travelling to battle, men carving (and their materials) and people when they die.