‘Rastaccun‘, is our latest EP featuring 4 new explosive songs written during the pandemic. The EP will take you through a journey with a sense of void after you’ll listen to the first few notes, but as each song progresses the journey will lead to a triumphant ending.


It all started on the golden beaches of Malta in the Mediterranean sea…

we keep on fighting

The strum of guitars by the beach, singing, laughter and dancing over the fizzle of breaking waves and the crackle of a campfire… …the heart of the Mana Tapu sound! The group’s international line-up of musicians hailing from Malta, England, Italy, Spain, France, and as far as Chile, lends a uniquely diverse flavour to their music, which swings from reggae, to ska, to funk, to folk, to rock and back again. And with their reputation for putting on some of the most lively and infectiously FUN concerts on the island, chances are you’ll be singing and dancing along before you even know it!


  • Dec ‘12 → winners! @ ‘Rookies Battle of the Bands’
  • Feb ‘13 → record first single ‘Babylon Aside’
  • Mar ‘13 → winners! @ ‘Hard Rock Rising’ competition
  • Apr ‘13 → travel to Ibiza to record debut EP
  • Jun ‘13 → live show at Earth Garden Festival
  • Aug ‘13 → live show at Bubble Festival
  • Jun ‘14 → album release “Timpana”
  • Jun ‘14 → headlining Sliema Street Art Festival
  • Jun ‘14 → live show at Earth Garden Festival
  • Aug ‘14 → live show at Farsons Beer Festival
  • Jun ‘15 → headlining Malta Street Art Festival
  • Jun ‘15 → live show at Earth Garden
  • Aug ‘15 → live show at The Farsons Beer Festival
  • Aug ‘15 → live show at Gozo Muzika Festival
  • Dec ‘16 → NYE Concert @ Freedom Fighters
  • Jun ‘17 → live show at Earth Garden Festival
  • Aug ‘17 → headlining at The Farsons Beer Festival
  • Sept ‘17 → live show at The Bubble Festival
  • Oct ‘17 → live show at KSU Campus Festival
  • May ‘18 → ManaTapu local show and Album Release “TuaTara”
  • Summer ‘19 → Manatapu Europe tour. UK, Malta, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria.
  • 2020 → Release single and videos for ‘Tell Me’, ‘Different Plants’
  • 2021 → Release single and video for ‘Keep On Fighting’, and played re-openening show following Covid
  • 2022 → Release of single and video ‘Petito Man’ Summer 2022 -> Malta summer tour playing Earth Garden, Beerfest, UB40 Supporting band and Gozo 2023 -> Release of new EP ‘Rastaccun’ and 2 music Videos ‘Rastaccun’ and ‘Shulama’ Summer
  • 2023 → European Mini tour. Malta, Spain, Portugal (7 Sois 7 Luas Festival), and Switzerland (Reeds Festival)
  • 2024 → Writing of new Album


ManaTapu have been booked annually for festivals since 2013, with highlights such as Earth Garden, The Bubble, KSU Campus Fest, Notte Bianca, Farsons Beer Festival, Gozo Mużika Fest, Reeds festival, Ghaxaq gestival, Festival Sete Sois Sete Luas, MSAF and SSAF. ManaTapu has been also contracted for various supporting act.


Julian Marley, Inner Circle, Third World, The Selecter, Uwe Banton, Jahcoustix, Ganjaman, Fools Garden, UB40, Tribali




2012 – 2015

Band creation & Debut EP named: Timpana


Debut EP recording in Ibiza followed by live shows around MALTA & GOZO incl. Earth Garden, The Bubble, Farsons Beer Fest, KSU Campus Fest, Gozo Mużika Fest.

2016 – 2018

Song writing & release of album: Tuatara


Playing in larger festivals with well known names such as Julian Marley. Became resident players at biggest festivals in Malta Earth Garden, The Bubble, Farsons Beer Fest, KSU, Notte Bianca.


European Summer Tour & parting ways with Jorge Bo Smith


Europe Tour in Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic. Supporting large names such as Third World, Inner Circle, Fools Garden. More international festivals such as Reggae Im Hanf-Feld (DE), World Music Festival (DE).

2019 - 2021

Song writing & release of few Manatapu singles


The pandemic took us back in the studio to write the songs for our new upcoming EP, while we kept the momentum going, by releasing a few singles like Tell Me and Keep on Fighting.

2012 - 2024

Release of Rastaccun EP and planning to expand to Europe


Back on stage playing in the biggest festivals in Malta, while also supporting names such as UB40. The release of our new EP Rastaccun meant that we’re back with a bang and we intend to start expanding our shows in Europe.


Writing a new album