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” It all started on the golden beaches of Malta in the Mediterranean sea… The strum of guitars by the beach, singing, laughter and dancing over the fizzle of breaking waves and the crackle of a campfire… …the heart of the Mana Tapu sound! The group’s international line-up of musicians hailing from Malta, England, Italy, Spain, France, and as far as Chile, lends a uniquely diverse flavour to their music, which swings from reggae, to ska, to funk, to folk, to rock and back again. And with their reputation for putting on some of the most lively and infectiously FUN concerts on the island, chances are you’ll be singing and dancing along before you even know it! “

ManaTapu is...

…from all over:

50% Malta, Spain, England, Italy, France / Chile !

…lyrically diverse:

Lyrics in English, Maltese, Spanish and French.

…stylistically diverse:

Styles range from reggae, rock, blues, funk, folk, hip-hop, punk

…awesome live!

The band delivers some of the most engaging live performances on the island, engaging large audiences to sing and dance with us.

…the child of Malta’s multicultural scene!

We are a direct result of a new, dynamic, cultural landscape. ManaTapu is as much a part of the new modern Malta, as the new modern Malta is a part of ManaTapu.

…proud to be Maltese!

No matter where we’re all from, Malta is home.

The meaning of MANA TAPU ?


Mana is a supernatural force in a person, place or object.
Mana goes hand in hand with tapu, one affecting the other.
The more prestigious the event, person or object, the more it is surrounded by tapu and mana.
Mana is the enduring, indestructible power of the atua and is inherited at birth, the more senior the descent, the greater the mana.
The authority of Mana and Tapu is inherited and delegated through the senior line from the atua as their human agent to act on revealed will.
Since authority is a spiritual gift delegated by the atua, man remains the agent, never the source of Mana.
Mana gives a person the authority to lead, organise and regulate communal expeditions and activities, to make decisions regarding social and political matters.
A person or tribe’s Mana can increase from successful ventures or decrease through the lack of success.
Almost every activity has a link with the maintenance and enhancement of Mana and Tapu.
Animate and inanimate objects can also have Mana as they also derive from the atua and because of their own association with people imbued with Mana or because they are used in significant events.


A person, place or thing is dedicated to an atua and is thus removed from the sphere of the profane and put into the sphere of the sacred.
It is untouchable, no longer to be put to common use.
Tapu was used as a way to control how people behaved towards each other and the environment, placing restrictions upon society to ensure that society flourished.
The extensions of tapu are the restrictions resulting from contact with something that is intrinsically tapu.
A person is imbued with Mana and Tapu by reason of his or her birth.
People are Tapu and it is each person’s responsibility to preserve their own tapu and respect the Tapu of others and of places.
Under certain situations people become more Tapu, including women giving birth, warriors travelling to battle, men carving (and their materials) and people when they die.



  • Dec ‘12 → winners! @ ‘Rookies Battle of the Bands’
  • Feb ‘13 → record first single ‘Babylon Aside’
  • Mar ‘13 → winners! @ ‘Hard Rock Rising’ competition
  • Apr ‘13 → travel to Ibiza to record debut EP
  • Jun ‘13 → live show at Earth Garden festival
  • Aug ‘13 → live show at Bubble festival
  • Jun ‘14 → album release
  • Jun ‘14 → headlining Sliema Street Art Festival
  • Jun ‘14 → live show at Earth Garden
  • Aug ‘14 → live show at Beer Fest
  • Jun ‘15 → headlining Malta Street Art Festival
  • Jun ‘15 → live show at Earth Garden
  • Aug ‘15 → live show at The Farsons Beer Festival
  • Aug ‘15 → live show at Gozo Muzika Fest
  • Dec ‘16 → NYE Concert @ Freedom Fighters
  • Jun ‘17 → live show at Earth Garden
  • Aug ‘17 → headlining at The Farsons Beer Festival
  • Sept ‘17 → live show at The Bubble Fest
  • Oct ‘17 → live show at KSU Campus Fest
  • May ‘18 → ManaTapu local show and Album Release “TuaTara”

Blog Timeline

Debut Single ManaTapu
Debut single from Mana Tapu – Times of Malta
Further to winning the 2012 Rookies Battle of the Bands, ManaTapu have just released the debut single Babylon Aside, which is available as a free download.
We’re titling the new EP ‘Timpana’. No joke!
The new ManaTapu EP is coming out soon, and we’re pretty excited about. It’s been hectic making it to this point, and there were times where it didn’t seem like we’d ever get the chance to share these songs with you. But share them with you we will, and we can’t wait 🙂 Here’s a...
Beer Festival 2017
10 Things You Didn’t Know About US!
We're ever so grateful to have been featured this week on Malta's awesome mikebugeja.com blog, with a riveting piece on all the weird little things you may or may not already know about the dynamic sextuplet known as, well, us.
Headlining at BeerFest this summer! Stoked!
We’ve just received the fantastic news that we’ll be headlining the Farson’s Beer Fest, on the night of August 2nd, 2017. Opening the night will be our extended family, Pon Di Corner (a.k.a – PDC), followed by Batteries Not Included (a.k.a – BNI).
The Bubble – A Festival of Life 2017
ManaTapu is back for another great night, this time at the Bubble 2017 and for a good cause. Bring your friends and family to this beautiful location at the Golden Bay Headland and get ready to sing and jump.
ManaTapu at SpineSplitterStudio
TuaTara Album Launch Party
Jogy Bo
Official Statement parting ways with Jorge Bo Smid
Manatapu’s focus is about making new music, and delivering amazing shows around the world.We are officialy announcing in this statement that as of the 22nd July 2019, we are parting ways with Jorge Bo Smid, one of the oldest members of Manatapu due to personal issues, misconduct. We are disappointed that he managed to take...
MALTA names ManaTapu winner of Hard Rock Rising
St. Julian`s, April 11th , 2013 – Hard Rock International called on aspiring musicians around the globe to rock out for a chance at stardom through this year’s Hard Rock Rising global battle of the bands competition – and they responded. Over 12,000 entries, 390,000 fan votes, and 941 competing bands later, Mana Tapu is...
See you at Earth Garden this Summer!
The month of June in Malta wouldn’t be the same without Earth Garden, one of our favourite festivals of the summer season. And we’ll be there again, friends, playing on Sunday June 7th on the Roots Stage @ 10pm.
Earth Garden 2017 – CONFIRMED
Summer in Malta just isn't the same when we're not rocking the stage at Earth Garden. So it's an absolute pleasure for us to confirm that we'll be seeing you there, on Sunday June 4th, at 6pm.
Read our Interview in Air Malta’s Il-Bizzilla Mag!
So we were contacted by the editor-in-chief of AirMalta's magazine, Il-Bizzilla, who, it turns out, is a big fan of ours. Of course, we were totally thrilled to hear this, and even more thrilled when she proposed to conduct an interview with us, which has just been published in the latest issue
The KSU Hard Rock Cafe Malta Campus Fest 2017
It’s back and it’s bigger than ever. Mark your calendars for a jam-packed weekend at the University during The KSU Hard Rock Cafe Malta Campus Fest 2017.
Chat at the Studio
Exclusive Interview from the TuaTara project
Check our latest interview about the making of TuaTara with Underground sound
TuaTara – New Album Release Date : 21.05.18

Band Members

Dario Vella Catano

Dario Vella Catano

Vocals, Lead Guitar

Song Writer & Mastermind

Guitarist and heartbeat of the songwriting at ManaTapu.
Dario Vella absorbs life and transforms it into music.
This is the profound message of the Mana and the Tapu.
When everyone is hibernating in the winter Dario Vella writes music.



MC, Vocals

Born in France to Chilean parents, PupaChile got attracted by Hip-Hop and Reggae music during his childhood while he was living in Yaounde (Cameroun). He experienced the African continent for 4 years. However, his inspiration came first from his family, his 2 parents singing and playing guitars, organizing Chilean events in the hometown city.

In 2010, he arrived in Malta curious to discover new horizons, met Jogy Bo, start jamming at Ta Fra Ben and joined the band ManaTapu. In 2014, he met the future MC’s of Pon Di Corner and together create an International Reggae & Hip-Hop collective to express themselves through their music.

Camacho Criminal aka 'TeTe'

Camacho Criminal aka 'TeTe'

MC, Vocals

Born in the south of Spain, tete started to be interested in the Reggae music very early. At the faculty in Mazagon, he participated in different reggae raves and reggae party where he was singer of a fusion band and Mc in various sound system nights.

In 2008, he recorded few personals songs. He left Spain in 2012, landed in Malta where he met & integrated Manatapu band. He's back in Spain at this moment, getting ready to record the second album of ManaTapu which will see the light spring-summer 2018


James Saliba

Bass Guitar

James Saliba (Born in 1980) When he was 15 years he got to listen to music and taking it seriously and started to play guitar when he was 17 years of age. Then at the age of 21 started he fell in love with the bass guitar and been going on ever since.

Been involved in bands/projects in different genres (Alternative, Funk/Soul, Metal) such as: For Strings Inn, Eversity, Desi Campbell’s Brown Sugar and The Counterbalance Project among many other projects. Now a member of ManaTapu. Joined in April of 2017.


Ryan Abela

Drums, Percussion

Ryan Abela (October 1983) was born and lives in Marsaxlokk, Malta. At fourteen he was a punk rocker and became active in the local music scene. Since then he played in punk/ska/metal/hip-hop bands until very recently he joined ManaTapu (end 2017).

He travelled most of Europe, South East Asia, Oceana and lately South America.
He’s a jack of all trades and master of some, and his greatest passion is the outdoors.

Album -
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