‘Rastaccun‘, is our latest EP featuring 4 new explosive songs written during the pandemic. The EP will take you through a journey with a sense of void after you’ll listen to the first few notes, but as each song progresses the journey will lead to a triumphant ending.

Keep on fighting

Artist: ManaTapu
Release Date: 2020-11-14
Genres: Reggae, Rock, Ska
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Album Review

We love when reggae music ambassadors from all over the world appreciate and endorse this beautiful and uplifting gift of reggae music. As Bob marley said "when the music hits you: you feel no pain. #blackstarlove

- KolussuslifeKB

You are the best, guys! Love you, from Serbia

- Jovana
1. Keep On Fighting
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About New Album

Our new single KEEP ON FIGHTING is out now. This song is a tribute to everyone affected by the pandemic. As musicians, we’ve lost our income, our right to perform but we keep strong and will keep on fighting until we succeed!! Let us know what you think, subscribe & comment, support local and keep on fighting for your rights 💖 🎥 Directed and Edited by Jesse Pas (RØKKR) Song Recorded and Produced by David Depasquale (Spinesplitter Studio) Filming in Ecija (Spain) by José Mª Silvestre Alós and Daniel Rivillo Pérez (C) 2021 ManaTapu – All rights Reserved. Special thanks goes to: Isabelle Williams (starring as nurse in the video) Louie Vella at BBD Ninjutsu Fgura ArtePorvo (https://arteporvo.com/) Liam Vella and last but not least all the frontliners who worked and keep working hard to fight this pandemic!

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