‘Rastaccun‘, is our latest EP featuring 4 new explosive songs written during the pandemic. The EP will take you through a journey with a sense of void after you’ll listen to the first few notes, but as each song progresses the journey will lead to a triumphant ending.

Tell me

Artist: ManaTapu
Release Date: 2020-02-11
Genres: Indie Rock, Reggae, Rock
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Heard you guys at earth garden this year and been going every show since you guys were great on Friday hoping to see even more shows!

- serpentinasdrawer499
1. Tell me
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About New Album

‘Tell me’, a song celebrating friends and family – is a new single just released by local band ManaTapu.  This is their first release this year and will be followed by a number of other singles gearing up for the release of a full album.  The lyrics of this upbeat rock tune are written in three languages (French, Spanish and English).  It also features some new elements like smooth jazzy saxophone licks coupled with percussive samba build ups. 

“ManaTapu is entering a new era.  Our sound is evolving and we are introducing new members to our international family.  ‘Tell me’ is but the start.  We are going to surprise our fans with fresh ideas blended in our music.  Apart from that, our music is usually associated with summer.  This year we came up with something different, a ManaTapu that can also celebrate the cold seasons!” said Pupachile frontman of the band.

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