‘Rastaccun‘, is our latest EP featuring 4 new explosive songs written during the pandemic. The EP will take you through a journey with a sense of void after you’ll listen to the first few notes, but as each song progresses the journey will lead to a triumphant ending.

TuaTara Album Launch Party

ManaTapu is back, and to start our summer long celebration we are opening the season with the launch of our debut album called { TUATARA }, including 10 Bomba tracks.

Wear your flipflops and get ready for a whole afternoon of sun, sea and music.

★ Dress code: Pool & Beach
✔ Mood: Summer Vibes

★ Line Up BANDS ★

✔ To Drink: 3 fully stocked bars by Hedon Crew and a special Sugarman ‘Petit Punch’ Cocktail Bar

✔ To Eat: 🌭Bavarian Sausage (for the carnivores)

★ Extra Shows ★ We will have Slackliner Malta with a special workshop and a line on top of the pool and That Fire Girl to bring some fire in the area.

Line up for the night

What are you waiting for! Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to laugh, dance and smile. Sing, jump and scream.