‘Rastaccun‘, is our latest EP featuring 4 new explosive songs written during the pandemic. The EP will take you through a journey with a sense of void after you’ll listen to the first few notes, but as each song progresses the journey will lead to a triumphant ending.

Manatapu’s Summer of Gigs 2022: Celebrating Music in Malta

The summer of 2022 was a special one for Manatapu. After the long, challenging months of the pandemic, we decided to keep our performances local, celebrating the return of live music in our beloved Malta. We’ve summarized all the highlights and unforgettable moments of our summer gigs in one EPK, which you can watch here. Here’s a recap of the incredible gigs we played, capturing the essence of our vibrant summer.

Earth Garden and Rock the South

Kicking off our summer was Earth Garden, one of our favorite festivals. After a hiatus due to COVID-19, Earth Garden came back with a bang. The festival was a joyous reunion for artists and fans alike, and our performance was filled with high energy and heartfelt moments. Shortly after, we played at the 9th edition of Rock the South. Known for its eclectic lineup and lively atmosphere, the festival did not disappoint. We had a blast feeding off the crowd’s enthusiasm and rocking out with fellow Maltese bands. These two festivals were a testament to the resilience and passion of the local music scene.

Ghaxaq Music Festival and APS Summer Festival

One of the highlights of our summer was supporting the legendary UB40 at the Ghaxaq Music Festival. Sharing the stage with such iconic musicians was a dream come true. The festival, with its vibrant setting and enthusiastic audience, provided the perfect backdrop for a night of reggae and good vibes. Following this, the APS Summer Festival offered a mix of music, art, and culture in a picturesque location. Our performance was met with great enthusiasm, and we loved being part of such a diverse and creative event.

Night Across the Meadows in Kercem, Gozo, and Summer Fest in Dahlet Qorrot, Nadur

In the beautiful village of Kercem in Gozo, we played at the Night Across the Meadows. The serene and picturesque setting of the meadows, combined with a warm, welcoming crowd, made this gig a standout. Shortly after, the idyllic bay of Dahlet Qorrot in Nadur hosted another fantastic summer fest. The stunning coastal views and the relaxed atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for our music. These performances were a beautiful reminder of Malta’s natural beauty and the joy of playing in such serene settings.

Farson’s Beer Fest and Notte Bianca in Valletta

The Farson’s Beer Fest is always a highlight of the Maltese summer, and this year was no exception. The combination of great beer, fantastic music, and an enthusiastic crowd made for an unforgettable night. We loved every moment of our performance and the incredible energy of the audience. We wrapped up our summer gigs with a performance at Notte Bianca in Valletta. Playing against the stunning backdrop of the mighty bastions was a surreal experience. The streets of Valletta were alive with art, culture, and music, making it a perfect end to our summer of local gigs.

Celebrating Music, Resilience, and Community

The summer of 2022 was a celebration of music, resilience, and community. We’re grateful to everyone who came out to see us and supported us throughout the season. It was a joy to perform in our hometown and reconnect with our fans after such a challenging time.

Here’s to more music, more memories, and many more summers to come!