Official Announcement on 22.07.19

Official Statement parting ways with Jorge Bo Smid

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Manatapu’s focus is about making new music, and delivering amazing shows around the world.
We are officialy announcing in this statement that as of the 22nd July 2019, we are parting ways with Jorge Bo Smid, one of the oldest members of Manatapu due to personal issues, misconduct.

We are disappointed that he managed to take over our gmail and youtube channel, use the band’s name without authorization, publishing fake copyright reports on all youtube videos and make up false claims, instead of accepting our decision and part ways in a respectful way. We would have preferred for him not to take this path. is nothing related with ManaTapu official contact email that is Jorge Bo Smid gained access to and he is stubborn with thinking that he owns the band name and that we can’t release anything music related when we owns the trademark in Malta for years before him. is also in no way affiliated with Manatapu anymore. So any takedown notice should be investigate and truly not taken in consideration. We can ensure that we are the owner of any new music released since this date. Be careful, don’t fall in his trap, thank you.

sign by Dario Vella Catalano, Christian Vasquez, Antonio Martin Jesus, Ryan Abela, James Saliba


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